Thursday, September 16, 2010

Amazing opportunity for RJ Practitioners and Academics

Amazing opportunity for RJ Practitioners and Academics

It is not very often that one has the opportunity to attend a binational conference with such an impressive line-up of key-note speakers, and more workshop opportunities than you can count... and all of this at an affordable cost.

Here in Manitoba – Winnipeg specifically – we have such an opportunity.. On October 1 and 2, the Peace and Justice Studies Association Conference is offering us the chance to hear expert and experienced people in the field of Peace and Justice. The plenary speakers alone are worth the cost and include Chief Ovide Mercredi, Catherine Morris, Carolyn Nordstrom, Betty Reardon and others (see their bios at – click on Plenary Speakers.

This is the first time the PJSA is holding its conference in Canada, and its not likely to be in Winnipeg again in the near future.

My recommendation is that you not dismiss this opportunity lightly. Take a few minutes to check out the workshops and the schedule. If you're a good Manitoban like me, it'll be hard for you to pass up this good deal!

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